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Romantic Relationships

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“I understand the importance of labels in the world that we live in,” he Still, even though characters on The couldn’t care less about their own sexuality, viewers do. that want to see these two people together,’ ” Rothenberg says. this link opens in a new tab · Real Simple this link opens in a new tab.

The ‘s Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are married! The two actors — who were Aussie soap rivals over a decade ago — shocked their fans on Saturday when they shared the news on their respective Twitter accounts. Morley, 34, wrote, “It is with such a full hear that I call [Taylor] my wife. This is something we both cherish very deeply and are beyond happy. Please remember to be respectful and kind to one another. Be well, be kind. The couple have played Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake on the post-apocalyptic US TV show since , and fans have been waiting for the on-screen pair to get together for years — but nobody had any idea the actors were together in real life, let alone engaged to wed.

So warm and tender with one another. Miyuki Liem Bridal in Honolulu designed Taylor’s wedding gown and gushed about the bride on Instagram , writing: “She’s absolutely stunning and humble kindest person I’ve ever met. Congratulations to the sweetest couple! Although The is filmed in Canada, both stars are from Melbourne, Australia and starred in rival soaps at the same time.

Who the cast of The 100 is dating and married to in real life

The premiered back in with a killer sci-fi premise: Almost years after a nuclear holocaust destroyed the Earth, humans who have survived on a space station decide to send juvenile delinquents back down, to see if the planet is habitable. Since then, our beloved have met the Grounders tribes of humans who survived the apocalypse , had their radioactive blood harvested by the Mountain Men inside the Mount Weather bunker, had their minds taken over by A.

Talk about a wild ride. The seventh season of The , which premieres on The CW on March 20, will be its last, and speculation as to its content runs rampant.

are a little more private. Here’s who all the “Riverdale” stars are dating in real life, from Madelaine Petsch, to Camila Mendes, and KJ Apa.

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By Lauren Sarner. June 10, pm Updated June 10, pm. This came as a huge surprise, considering the fact that nobody knew they were even a couple. But then in a plot twist worthy of a CW show, Morley and Taylor, who are both Australian, announced the news on Twitter. Please remember to be respectful and kind to one another.

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Now, years after the 19th amendment was ratified , we learn how women fought for suffrage, with all of the complex, unedifying twists and turns that the process took. It is well narrated, as you would expect from actors of the calibre of Patricia Clarkson, Audra McDonald and Mae Whitman, and the story is artfully pieced together by Michelle Ferrari, who writes and directs. This seems oddly noble in an era where lines are drawn and sides are taken on the basis of a snatch of a headline, or a Tweet.

A good historical documentary will always lead the viewer to find the contemporary parallels while letting them draw those conclusions for themselves, and there are plenty of opportunities left open for that here. As the modern political climate can seem to treat violence against women as inconvenient for the perpetrator, rather than any sort of career-ending scandal, it sometimes offers a depressingly cyclical vision. The women advocating for their right to vote are doing so to a general public suspicious of democracy and a government stuffed with white men who would like to keep it that way.

The Vote is matter-of-fact about race and racism, and one of its strengths is that it does not shy away from documenting some of the terrible betrayals carried out by the most famous American suffragists. While the suffrage movement began with a call for equal voting rights for all, it soon split along lines of race, and this film tells how black figures are repeatedly sidelined, rejected, segregated and discriminated against, from Frederick Douglass to Ida B Wells.

It is a story that repeats itself, over and over. This is an extremely thorough account of the 19th and early 20th century, crafted with skill and care. But this failed to fly in Ohio, when the reputation of temperance may have lost early campaigners a crucial referendum.

The 100’s Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley open up about their surprise wedding at Comic-Con

This year, The series has been renewed for cast seventh season. We know pretty much everything about its characters, but what about the actors cast them? Fans want to learn as much as possible about their off-screen relationships. After dating, they are all young and beautiful and should be dating someone! Currently, he lives with his wife in Kailua, Hawaii and they are dating 3 sons — Eli, Lucas, and Esau.

But now that we know Taylor and Morley found love in real life, it makes wishing for their on-screen romance seem a little less pressing. Mazel tov.

The stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley have announced they have secretly married. The couple, who play Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake on The CW drama, had not taken their romantic relationship public until the romantic news of their wedding was shared on Friday evening. Please remember to be respectful and kind to one another. Be well be kind. The show’s creator Jason Rothenberg also posted some well wishes for the couple on Twitter. May they have a lifetime of happiness and love.

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We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Season seven of The is going to be the final outing for the sci-fi drama based on the Young Adult novels by Kass Morgan.

The seventh season of The will be its last, and speculation as to its content runs rampant. She needs to come back together with the people she started beside For so many, those real-world roots are what make the show’s more Actress Alaina Huffman is joining the season seven cast as Nikki.

They’ve killed for one another, sacrificed many to save each other, and have seen the darkest parts of each other throughout the past six seasons. As the final season of the sci-fi drama will hopefully give fans answers to what the anomaly is, if Octavia is still alive, and if the last remaining humans will survive and finally get a happy ending, we more so want to know if Bellamy and Clarke will finally further their relationship. Yes, we want to see Bellarke happen!

Throughout the series, the pair has been strictly just friends, but viewers can see that the survivors have major chemistry. While we wonder if the writers will finally bring these two together, many fans may be surprised that the actors have an off-screen romance. While it has yet to be confirmed if Clarke and Bellamy will take their friendship to the next level, or even survive to the end of the season, the actors who play the on-screen friends are actually married in real life.

Well, that certainly explains their amazing chemistry! In a shocking social media announcement, the actors revealed that they got married. While their off-screen relationship remained mainly under wraps, the pair revealed in June that they wed.

Real Life Couples Of Stuck In The Middle

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